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Teen Skin Health Professionals



Professional Skin Therapists since 1987




TSH was founded by a professional skin therapist, being experts in creating custom skin care solutions that work – not just today, but for everyday life. We offer professional-grade skin care, education, products, and services to professional skin therapists and clients alike. 

Teen Skin Health is the leading professional-grade Teen Skin Care brand – trusted, used and recommended by professional skin therapists.

Join our community of passionate skin care professionals to build your skills, break new ground in the skin care industry, and help clients get their healthiest skin ever.



7 Reasons to Meet Us



# 1 - For over 35 years, Skinlab Enterprises have been dedicated to delivering skin health results through education, innovation, knowledge and professional recommendation.


# 2 - We are an Australian company; providing skills-based training for a tribe of skin therapists in person and with online workshops.


# 3 - Teen Skin Health was born as a support system for teens & tweens. For decades teens & tweens have been trying to adapt with hormonal changes, diet changes including increased sugar and salt intake plus stress of social media and school, making a massive impact on their delicate lives. 


# 4 - Our Healthy Skin, Healthy Planet initiative with organic ingredients and conscious packaging design, drastically reduce material waste, with recycled and compostable packaging.


# 5 - Our Business Development team is eager and available to assist you at any time – we have a substantial team of consultants in the field each day to support and grow with you.

# 6 - We are so proud that TSH is not only VEGAN, but is Nut FREE, Colour FREE and free from artificial fragrance


# 7 - Teen Skin Health Professional formulas, exclusively for professionals, providing unsurpassed control, flexibility, and results in the treatment room.


If you are interested in becoming a Professional TSH stockist, please complete this form and one of our professional specialists will be in touch with you.



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