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Theresa's Journey


Born in Sydney, and moved to Canberra in the mid 80's. Theresa started her skin journey beginning an apprenticeship at a local Ella Bache Salon. Little did she realise this was going to take her on the ride of her life. 

In her 20's Theresa had the need to go back and study. She poured all her energy into learning about the anatomy. During her Anatomy & Physiology time she also followed her Aromatherapy desire. Not only did she want to discovered what was happening on the inside but she yearned for how she could heal people using the purest ingredients from nature. This lead her further into study where she was lead down the nutrition path to become a nutritionist. 

In the late 90's Theresa opened Canberra's first Day Spa, 'Canberra Beauty & Body Lab' in Braddon. It was a true experience. With a complete understanding of the body she lead her highly trained team to become Canberra's number one destination. To make this experience even more successful she studied and worked closely with Cosmetic Chemists to create 'ALLICIO AUSTRALIAN SKINCARE' This was the purest of Aromatherapy skin care products available.

ALLICIO was the first Australian Organic Vegan Skincare product on the market. It was designed purely for salons and spas with the most active yet gentle ingredients to achieve ultimate results. Spa's all over Australia fell in love with Theresa, the decedent body muds, scrubs, pure facial products and everything else ALLICIO offered. 

During this time, Theresa's knowledge lead her to training therapists for other beauty houses and salon/spa owners and was soon recognised in the beauty industry as a visionary. She was featured regularly in glossy magazines like Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue, Cosmopolitan,  Harpers Bizarre, Professional Beauty Magazines and more.

A few years on, Theresa's journey changed with starting a family. Her children were both born with severe allergies and discovered there was little help for those in need, so she created a new area to help people. This is where she started Kids Pantry. Kids Pantry originally was developed to help parents in need with allergies and fussy eaters. After a short time, this is where the Kids Pantry, as its known today, became the number one cooking school program for kids with face to face & virtual classes in schools and privately. It soon became a very well recognised business in Canberra and was invited to be a part of Junior MasterChef for 3 years running. 12 years on and still going strong despite Covid, Kids Pantry is proudly delivering Healthy Mind & Body Programs throughout Australian schools. 

Which leads us back to the Teen Skin Health arrival. In 2020 Theresa's main customers were teens & tweens. She could see that not only were they trying to adapt with hormonal changes they had also increased their sugar and salt intake and stress of the world changing was making a massive impact on their delicate lives. Their self esteem was lessening and their ability to shine was diminishing. This is where Theresa had to dig deep again to help those in need. 

Teen Skin Health was born as a support system for teens & tweens. With our virtual skin consultations, we work together to help heal the skin from the inside out, offer advice and to give them a chance to be listened to.   

Theresa's knowledge, compassion, care and understanding is why she is always looking to help others. If you would like some inspiration for your child, school or business, we know she would love to hear from you. 

Thank you and have a beautiful day 


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